Friday, April 10, 2015

Pennsylvania Lights

The State of Pennsylvania is the home of 14 Autism Lights written about in 13 posts. Pennsylvania Lights include 6 Autism Fathers, 3 Autism Mothers, an Autism Sister, 4 individuals with autism, and an NBA Team. Three Autism Parents from Pennsylvania are presently on the Memorial Roll.

 Pennsylvania Autism Lights

Autism Fathers:
  1. Dr. Patrick Elliott is an Autism Father and physician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His work is in biomedical treatments for autism. His twin sons both have autism.
  2. Richard Everts is an Autism Father from founded the Tommy Foundation, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in honor of his son Tommy who has autism. He was the director of the movie the United States of Autism.
  3. Topher Wurts is an Autism Father from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. He founded Autism Village through the inspiration of his son Kirby.

Autism Mothers:
  1. Theresa Noye is an Autism Mother and musician from St. David's, Pennsylvania. Her son Regal has autism.
  2. Diane Soucy is an Autism Mother from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. She is an autism advocate and founder of the Activities for Daily Living (ADL Center). Her son Matthew has autism.

Autism Sibling:
  1. Candice Hause is an Autism Sister from Cairnbrook, Pennsylvania. Her two siblings Leah and Blake both have autism. She helped spearhead a fundraising project for a school sensory room.

Individuals with Autism:
  1. Dan and Will Haggerty are brothers who have autism from Amber, Pennsylvania. They excelled as high school swimmers.
  2. David Kot has Asperger's and is the co-founder of Face Value Comics. He is from York, Pennsylvania. He is also an autism father. 
  3. Lydia Wayman is a blogger and young adult who has autism. She is from Richland, Pennsylvania.

Sports Team:
  1. The Philadelphia 76ers are an NBA franchise from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were named an Autism Light for their giving to a boy with autism named Ojay Harris.

Memorial Roll (Rest In Peace):
  1. Elgina Byrd (1974-2012) is an Autism Mother from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her son Shawn has autism. She helped raise money for autism and Autism Speaks in her community.
  2. Myron Cope (1929-2008) is an Autism Father from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who was the long-time sportscaster for Pittsburgh Steelers games. His son Danny has autism and he gave much to the Autism Society of Pittsburgh in his name.
  3. Buddy Matthews (1974-2009) is an Autism Father from Economy, Pennsylvania. His son Joel has autism.
You may reach all these posts by searching the blog through the "Pennsylvania" Label.

The map of Pennsylvania is attributed to TUBS [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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