Sunday, January 22, 2012

Theresa Noye

Autism Light #132 is Theresa Noye.

Theresa Noye is a native of Brooklyn, New York, who lives today in St. David's, Pennsylvania. Her son Regal has autism. Parents do a variety of things in response to having a child with autism. Today's Autism Light is a singer, songwriter, and worship leader. Theresa Noye is an Autism Light because as she writes and sings about her faith she is also reflecting on her personal autism journey. As a public figure with an amazing musical talent, she is also an advocate for autism awareness and is using part of the proceeds of this project to raise support for her son's autism therapy. 

Eastern University: Theresa Noye lives on the campus of Eastern University (formerly Eastern College), where she serves as a Resident Director and is a Chapel Worship Team Advisor. Theresa Noye has a passion to make a difference in the lives of college students.
Theresa Noye said this about her faith and music and its relationship to her journey with autism.

Parenting a child with autism is a gift. This journey is teaching me to love. Laughter has been my medicine. My faith has challenged me to embrace community and believe that nothing is impossible for my child. Through music I've been able to express my fears, pains and longings to God. He responds back to me with a song. Songs that strengthen, encourage and inspire...reminding us that we are never alone; no never alone.
Here is a video on YouTube of Theresa Noye singing the signature song You Saw Me from her debut album by the same name.

If you like the song You Saw Me, you can purchase it at iTunes or Amazon. According to her agent Gregory Greene, "All of the songs on Theresa's music project "You Saw Me" were written or co-written by her. They represent times from her personal worship, drawing on her faith and her family's journey through autism with her son - Regal. A portion of the proceeds from this project will benefit Regal's Walk, a fundraising and awareness initiative for the support of Regal's home therapy program and for educating families in the inner city."

Social Media: Theresa Noye can be followed on these social media areas. 
A great source for information on Theresa Noye is her website at There are a variety of resources on the website, including some free downloads of her music and it includesher bio. For more information on Theresa Noye's music or events you may email info@theresanoye.comor contact her agent Gregory Greene by phone (215) 964-7092 or email  

Special thanks to Theresa Noye for sharing her gift of worship music and being an inspirational part of the autism family. The angelic voice of Theresa Noye is a fitting addition to the group of stellar Autism Light musicians, several of which are mothers of children with autism like Theresa. 

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photo: The photo in this post was used with the permission of Theresa Noye's agent.

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