The Animals of Autism Light

These 22 animals were included to show how diverse animals can sometimes fill a role in autism therapy depending on the bonding of the individual child with the individual animal.

Billy: A cat from Scotland owned by Fraser Booth, a young boy with autism.

Clover: A cat, owned by autism father J. Manerling, who made a difference for a boy with autism.

Tara: A cat, owned by the Roger and Erica Triantafilo family. In May 2014 she amazingly saved a boy with autsm named Jeremy from an attack by a dog.

Thula: A cat from Market Horborough, England, who serves as an autism therapy companion to a girl wth autism named Iris Grace Halmshaw.

JJ's Chickens: Chickens in DeBary, Florida that are therapy for a boy with autism named JJ Hart.

Autumn: A Golden Retriever owned by Jason and Melissa Moser of Wisconsin. He helped find a missing boy with autism named Scotty in July, 2012.

Benji: A Labrador owned by the McInnes-Pirie family in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a shining light in the life of a seven year old boy with autism named Declan.

Caddie: A Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever mix owned by the Sayer family in Cornwall, United Kingdom. This hero dog is a shining light to a 13 year old boy named Joel Sayer.

Elf: A Black Lab owned by the Butler Madoff family of Minnesota. He is a trained therapy dog.

Fonzie: A dog owned by the Mills family who had a positive effect on a boy with autism in Wisconsin named Ryan Mills.

Golden Retriever Puppies of LionPaws: Puppies being trained as service dogs in Georgia at The Lion School with students with autism.

GoldieA Bensajs Mixed rescue dog from Oklahoma who is owned by Joy Lauffenburger. Joy has autism and Goldie has made a difference in her life.

Henry: A Golden Retriever owned by Jim and Nualah Gardner of England. He was a difference maker for their son Dale. Nualah Gardner wrote a book called A Friend Like Henry.

Iditarod Trail Sled Dogs: Alaskan dogs whose races helped raise money for a boy with autism named Logan Erickson to get an autism therapy dog.

Karma: A Pitbull who is a special friend to a young girl named Lacy.

Roxy: A Pitbull from Los Angeles, California who has helped a young man named Joey, who has Asperger's.

Ruby: A Golden Retriever owned by Bruce and Caroline Tingum of California. He is the companion to their son Garrett Tingum.

Sampson: A Rottweiler owned by Danielle Jacobs of Tempe, Arizona. He has been trained to help Danielle, who has autism, when she has meltdowns.

Sophie: A Golden Retriever and therapy dog owned by Roni Perlzweig of New York.

Teddy: A Golden Doodle and autism therapy dog for Sam Morris of Jackson County, Michigan.

Xena: A Pitbull dog who serves as an autism therapy dog for Jonny Hickey of Johns Creek, Georgia.

Autism Awareness: A race horse from California who lived from 2005-2013.

Spike: A ghecko from the United Kingdom owned by Callum Lake.

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