The following Autism Lights have been honored for contributions to the field of art. All of these artists have autism. You may click on the link at their name to go to their post on the blog.


Art with Markers

Larry Bissonnette

Garrett Giauque

Iris Halmshaw

Eytan's Art

Montana Artist

Jeremy Sicile-Kira
Paints Emotions in Color from his synesthesia.

Richard Wawro (1952-2006)
 Artwork Done with Crayons

Walking Sticks

City Scapes

Dylan Yates
Cartoon Characters

Photos: The Photos on this page were used with permission and information on the authorization is available on the original post. 

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  1. Great stuff here...I am an art teacher specializing with kids on the spectrum. Follow me at groveshow1 on twitter and like my page Big A Industries on FB. I'd love to chat with you.