Autism Light is an upbeat but real blog that takes readers on a journey that recognizes diverse heroes in and for the autism community. The posts will show gratitude to those people, organizations, corporations, or resources that are helping make a difference for autism with preference to real people (if known). The goal is to shine a light on a diverse group and remember difference makers.

Within the autism world there exists diverse views on issues such as causes, cures, treatments, vaccines, and most recently the DSM-V language change. It is important to keep in mind that differences of opinion need not deter us from ultimately focusing on a common and unified goal of creating the best world we can for those with autism and their support network. It is the mission of this blog to listen to diverse voices, who by virtue of their leadership may have strong opinions on these issues that reasonable minds in the autism community may disagree on. Autism Light blog does not take official positions on these issues, but presents diverse stories so each of us can decide for ourselves on these issues if we feel we need to take a stand. We may never agree on or understand everything related to the diverse world of autism, but we can love completely those with autism and all those diverse rays of light who are seeking to make a difference on their behalf.

Public Comment Policy: We welcome comments on posts but they are reviewed first before going live. Out of respect for the personal lives of the subjects represented on the blog, we do not accept comments that are critical toward the autism lights featured or their passions. Thanks for all the constructive comments that have been connected to various posts.

Some Autism Lights will have lots of other material referenced to discover more about them and others might have very little electronic footprint of their work.  The following introduction to the blog was created for us by a young adult named Brandon who also has autism. Please click through and visit his channel.

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It is my sincere hope that this developing record of Autism Lights will inspire and serve as a helpful reference for those wanting to learn about people and things making a difference for autism.  If you have recommendations for a future Autism Light or have corrections to any information supplied on this blog please feel free to email autismlight@gmail.com.