Monday, September 5, 2011

Richard Everts

Autism Light #29 is Richard Everts.

Richard Everts with Family
Richard Everts is a parent of a son with autism, an autism foundation leader, and a producer of a groundbreaking movie on autism.  He was an easy choice, because he has these three amazing qualifications, any one of which could have qualified him as an Autism Light.

Father: Richard Everts is the father of a son named Tommy who has autism. Tommy is his inspiration for the work he does with autism.

Foundation: In 2005 he founded the non-profit Tommy Foundation for Autism and serves as its VP of Technology and Communications. His website has a good summary of his involvement with autism awareness.

Film: He won a Pepsi Refresh Project to create a movie called The United States of Autism. Richard Everts and his crew spent 40 days in 2010 travelling 11,000 miles across the United States of America to document the diverse faces of autism. The United States of Autism will be released at the 2012 Film Festival Circuit. Here is a trailer on this film about autism that will be very meaningful to the cause of autism.

The autism community eagerly awaits the release of this movie. The country needs to sees the diversity of autism that will be presented in the movie.  The following is an update on the production of the film that Richard Everts provided on YouTube in October, 2011.

For further engagement with Richard Everts work you can get involved at the following social media pages and Websites on the Internet.

For Further Information on the Film: 
For Further Information on Richard Everts Work: 
Thank you Richard Everts for being an Autism Light. We look forward to the release of fruits of this project.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism. 

Photo: Photo in this post used with permission of Richard Everts.

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