Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dan and Will Haggerty

Autism Lights #270 are Dan and Will Haggerty.

Dan and Will Haggerty are brothers who are members of the swim team at Wissahickon High School in Amber, Pennyslvania. Dan is 17 and Will is 15. In addition to swimming talent, the two brothers share a diagnosis of autism. Dan and Will Haggerty are Autism Lights for being and inspiration and demonstrating the pure enthusiasm for swimming that should be the winning trademark of all sports.

Channel 6 ABC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania did a news story on Dan and Will Haggerty and their success in swimming.

Plymouth Whitemarsh Special Olympics: Dan and Will Haggerty began their swimming experience about four years ago when they joined the Plymouth Whitemarsh Special Olympics swim team. Their initial devotion involved practicing an hour a week for 7 months during the school year (Source).

Dan and Will Haggerty have enjoined success in the swimming pool and that has greatly increased their confidence.  Their Coach John High reflected on their first swim meet: "They jumped out of the water and they were like 'I won.' As they walked down the deck, I turned and the entire team was there giving them high fives, and hugs. It was totally unprompted and extremely heartwarming (Source)."

Dan and Will Haggerty's mother, Susan Haggerty said, "Over the years, it's been hard, but situations like this, having the chance to let them shine and show some skills. We knew they could swim, we just didn't know they could swim on this level. It was the most incredible experience (Source)."

Online Articles: The following articles have been written about Dan and Will Haggerty.
Special thanks to Dan and Will Haggerty for showing parents and individuals with autism how it is possible to be successful at swimming. We wish them the best in their high school career as swimmers and in all their endeavors. They are truely two brothers who are an inspiration for autism. 

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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