Saturday, April 18, 2015

Al Archie

Autism Light #389 is Al Archie.

Al Archie has worked as a vacuum salesman for the Kirby Company for 25 years. He works for a distributor in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Al Archie is an Autism Light for the joy he brought to a teenager with autism named Dylan Johnson, when he held a vacuum demonstration at his 14th birthday party in January 2015, and then gave Dylan the Kirby vacuum for a present.

Dylan Johnson has loved vacuum cleaners since he was very little. For his 14th birthday his mother Jodie decided to throw Dylan a party at their Chesterfield, Virginia home with a unique vacuum theme. Jodie made a cake with a vacuum cleaner on it and she wrote an email to the Kirby Company to see if one of their representatives would give a vacuum demonstration at the party. The Kirby Company had Al Archie come for Dylan's party.

The following is the news story on Al Archie coming to Dylan Johnson's birthday party and doing a demonstration for him and then presenting him with his very own Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Kirby vacuum cleaners are not cheap and when Al Archie gave one to Dylan Johnson it was a very generous thing to do. Al Archie explained though, "I planned I wanted to do something for him. [It was] an opportunity to give something back (, Scott Wise, January 19, 2015)."

Special thanks to Al Archie for being an Autism Light by taking some of his time and resources to give a special gift to Dylan Johnson. Al Archie is a hard working person who also has a very big heart. He is a representative of the people who are uniquely positioned through their everyday jobs to make a difference in the life of someone with autism. Autism Light also wishes to thank the Kirby Company for their role in facilitating this birthday surprise for a young man with autism.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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