Tuesday, July 30, 2013

South Carolina Lights

The State of South Carolina is the home currently to 5 Autism Lights, including two autism mothers, an autism sibling, a CEO of an autism organization, and a special education teacher who is on the Memorial Roll.

South Carolina Autism Lights

  1. Ann Eldridge: Anne serves as President and CEO for the Early Autism Project in Sumter, South Carolina.
Autism Sibling:
  1. Natalie Palumbo: Natalie is an Autism Sister and is from Columbia, South Carolina. Her brother Anthony has autism and she is the Sibling Voice for Age of Autism.
Autism Mother:
  1. Crystal Lyons: Crystal is an Autism Mother from Elgin, South Carolina. She formed Vests for Visionaries as a charity to give away weighted vests to shine a light for autism. 
  2. Lorri Shealy Unumb: Lorri is an Autism Mother and Attorney from Lexington, South Carolina. She authored Ryan's Law.
Memorial Roll:
  1. Jan M. Curtis (1959-2015) was a Special Education Teacher in Lexington, South Carolina
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