Thursday, November 22, 2012

Georgia Lights

The State of Georgia is the home currently to 9 Autism Lights. They include individuals with autism, autism parents, a professional athlete, animals, and a businessman. The Georgia delegation at Autism Light are outstanding examples of the diversity of autism.

Georgia Autism Lights

Individuals with Autism:
  1. Nicholas Bennett is from Gainesville, Georgia. He has autism and served as his high school's basketball team manager from 2011-2015. He gained fame for making 1,000 half-court shots over the years of practicing with the team.
  2. Cortland Hale is from Snellville, Georgia. He has autism and is a former football player with Brookwood High School. He is listed on the Autism Light Sports page.
  3. David Militello is a young singer who has autism from Georgia. He has been honorably nicknamed the "Little Michael Jackson".
Autism Parents:

Tom Herrion is an autism father and assistant coach for Georgia Tech.  He is the co-founder of Coaches Powering Forward for Autism. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
    Golden Retriever Puppies of LionPaws are puppies being trained to be services dogs with students with autism at The Lion School in Alpharetta, Georgia.
      Xena is from Johns Creek, Georgia and is a Pitbull who is a service dog to Jonny Hickey, who has autism.

      1. Jeff Francoeur is from Lilborn, Georgia. He plays Major League Baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies and was recognized for his great attitude toward a fan with autism while playing for the Kansas City Royals.
      2. Bernard Marcus is from Atlanta, Georgia. He is the co-founder of Home Depot and the benefactor for the Marcus Autism Center.
      Memorial Roll:
        Nancy Herndon Cale (1944-2017) is from Sharpsville, Georgia. She was an autism grandmother who spent decades of her life in advocacy and answering phones at the Autism Research Institute call center.

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