Sunday, September 25, 2011

Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

Autism Light #49 is the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.

The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts is an Autism Light because they have demonstrated a commitment and compassion for autism by creating a faith based program for people with autism called A Special Grace. This program is an excellent demonstration of inclusion for those people with autism in Massachusetts who want to participate in religion through the Episcopal Church.

Services: A Special Grace is a religious program for people with autism and it is sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.  The program is hosted currently in the Epiphany Episcopal Church in Walpole, Massachusetts. On the first Sunday of every month at 2:00pm EST they hold a service and offer the Eucharist for those on the Autism spectrum and their families. These services take place at the Epiphany Episcopal Church in Walpole, Massachusetts located at 62 Front Street in Walpole, MA (directions are available at a link on their website).  Some of the features of the service outlined on this page of their website include:
Transition Inclusion: A Special Grace also has a program to help people with autism to be integrated (mainstreamed) into the congregation.
  • They train volunteers to assist families with mainstreaming people with autism into the congregation.
  • They help adapt some of the materials for the better understanding of people with autism.
  • They train clergy on how to minister to the unique needs of people with autism. 
Resources: Clergy involved in A Special Grace are available to offer workshops at the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts Congregational Resource Days (including one coming up October 1, 2011).  Some of the resources are listed on their website.  A Rhythm of Grace also offers a quarterly newsletter on their ministry.  The most recent one is online. To find out more about A Special Grace visit their webiste at

Curriculum: A Special Grace uses a curriculum of the same name available from Church Publishing.  Audrey Scanlan and Linda Snyder are the author of this faith based resource for ministering to people with autism.

Social Media: To follow A Special Grace via social media Like Rhythms of Grace on Facebook.

If you know of other religious groups or clergy that are doing special things for people with autism please let us know and we will consider them for future recognition.  Email:

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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