Sunday, September 18, 2011

B.J. McKelvie

Autism Light #42 is B.J. McKelvie.

B.J. McKelvie is from New Brunswick, Canada.  He is a musician and a trailblazer in the Christian faith in Canada to people with autism.  B.J. McKelvie is a clergy, a worship leader, a song writer, and a parent of a child with autism. His son Riley has autism. B.J. McKelvie is an Autism Light for helping write a song labeled as the "Anthem of Autism" and for starting Canada's first church for people with special needs like autism.

B.J. McKelvie has had a difficult past. When he was 20 years old he tried to commit suicide because of severe depression.  He credits God with giving him a new beginning after the despair of his past. The following is B.J. McKelvie being interviewed on 100 Huntley Street.  In this 20 minute video he discusses his personal problems of his past, his Christian faith, autism, his son Riley, and a popular song on autism that he co-wrote with Cathy Hutch called "I'm in Here".  In the interview Carly Fleischmann, who was the very first Autism Light and part of the inspiration for this series, is mentioned.

Song Writer:  In 2008, B.J. McKelvie co-wrote the "Anthem of Autism", I'm in Here with Cathy Hutch. Cathy Hutch was an Autism Light on September 1, 2011.  Proceeds from the sales of the song will be used to build the I'm in Here Healing Centers for Autism. B.J. McKelvie has a dream that these centers will be residential treatment centers for autism that will be located around Canada. The following is B.J. McKelvie's YouTube video of the song I'm in Here which has had over 144,000 views. 

In addition, B.J. McKelvie has written numerous Christian songs often classified as Christian rock and is a music producer. In 2008 he was named on of Canada's Top Ten Christian Artists. His first album released was an album on his faith called Accept Me As I Am. Accept Me As I Am can be heard on YouTube. Several of his songs can be heard on his YouTube ChannelHis discography of 22 songs are listed on his song section of his website.  

Minister:  B.J. McKelvie founded the Family Circle Church in New Brunswick, Canada. This church is set up to provide a unique faith community that reduces barriers for those with disabilities and special needs, including autism, to worship God.  It is known as Canada's first church for special needs individuals. The following news story is about the establishment of Family Circle Church.

Social Media:  You can follow B.J. McKelvie on the following social media.
Thank you B.J. McKelvie for being an Autism Light. For more information on B.J. McKelvie visit his website at

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism. 

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