Sunday, May 3, 2015

Roxy the Pitbull

Autism Light #395 is Roxy the Pitbull.
Roxy/Courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society
Roxy is a 60 pound female Pit Bull Terrier who was adopted by Joey Granados and his family. She was adopted on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2014 from the Best Friends Animal Society shelter in Los Angeles, California. Joey is a 14 year old who has Asperger's Syndrome. Roxy is an Autism Light because her relationship with Joey Granados helped him hug his mother for the first time and improve in his social relationships.

The following is a video about the impact Roxy has had on Joey Granados and his family.

Amanda Granados told, "For all those years, he wouldn't hold my hand, he wouldn't hug me--it was all part of the autism--but this dog has taught him how to give and show affection. He holds my hand now! He hugs me! The first time I got a kiss on the cheek was when Roxy came home (, Laura T. Coffey, April 27, 2015)."

Joey Granados himself described the impact that Roxy has had on his life when he said, "I didn't have too many friends growing up, but then we got Roxy and I've been able to make friends ever since (, Laura T. Coffey, April 27, 2015)."

Special thanks to Roxy for being an Autism Light. Roxy is representative of the thousand of autism therapy dogs around the world who are making life easier for individuals with autism. We wish Roxy and Joey many years of friendship.

Roxy will be added to the Autism Light Animal Page today. Roxy is the second Pit Bull breed to be featured on Autism Light. The first was Karma. That means the Pit Bull breed at this time is second only to the Golden Retriever in being highlighted on Autism Light.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photo: The photo of Roxy was used with permission of the Best Friends Animal Society, an animal shelter with a no-kill mission.

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