Thursday, June 18, 2015

Brynjar Karl

Autism Light #412 is Brynjar Karl. 

Brynjar Karl is an 11 year old who has autism and lives in Rejkjavik, the capital city in the country of Iceland. Brynjar Karl is an Autism Light for the awareness he has brought to autism through carrying through with his 11 month project to build a 6,33 meter replica of the Titanic out of 56,000 LEGO bricks. Brynjar Karl will also hold the distinction of representing the first Autism Light who comes from Iceland, making it our 26th country to be featured.

The following is a video that Brynjar created along with his mother.

Public Speaker: Brynjar Karl is giving public talks on autism in Icelandic and English.

Brynjar has a three fold message for other kids about fulfilling their dreams and making them a reality.
  1. You have to believe - I really believed that I could build the Titanic.
  2. You need the right team around to help you get there - I chose my family. 
  3. Never, never, never give up, because there will be obstacles but you will overcome them, with the help of your team and your believe. 
(Source- Email to Autism Light from Bjarney Ludviksddottir on June 14, 2015).

Here is a June 2015 video about his work spreading autism awareness.

Brynjar and sister Magdalena

To the right is a photo of Brynjar with his sister Magdalena Björk Birgisdóttir. Magdalena has been very supportive of Brynjar's projects and is his number one fan.

Brynar is currently working to find potential hosts that would be interested in placing his Titanic ship on display. Brynjar Karl follows his ship wherever it goes and shares messages to the public that view it about the positive side of autism and that everyone can make their dream come true.

This photo demonstrates the size of the Titanic that Brynjar created.

Brynjar stands next to his Titanic on Display

Social Media: You can follow Brynjar Karl on the following social media pages.
Visit his website at to track progress on his work.

Special thanks to Brynjar Karl for being an Autism Light. We hope to hear exciting things from him in the future as he continues to use his creativity in life. He is truly an inspiration to others with autism that amazing projects can be accomplished when one puts their mind to it.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photos: The photos in this post were used with permission of Brynjar Karl's mother Bjarney Ludviksdottir.

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