Saturday, April 27, 2013

Faith Jegede

Autism Light #275 is Faith Jegede. 

Faith Jegede is from London, England and is an autism advocate by being a speaker, writer, and blogger. Faith Jegede's brothers Remi and Samuel both have autism. Faith Jegede is an Autism Light because of the extraordinary way in which she is spreading autism awareness through the perspective of a sibling. Faith Jegede said in her TED talk called What I Learned from My Autistic Brothers, "I can not remember the first moment I encountered autism but I cannot recall a day without it."

The following is a video that Faith Jegede has on her blog that she did for Autism Awareness Month - 2013.

Education: Faith Jegede will be starting her PhD in Communication at American University in Washington D.C. in August. She earned her MSc in International Management at the Henley Business School, University of Reading and her BA (Hons) in International Politics at the University of Surrey, UK.

Here is a talk for TED that Faith Jegede did in 2012 called "What I've Learned from My Autistic Brothers."

Blog: You can read The Faith Jegede Blog to keep track of Faith's blogging. In her blog Faith Jegede shares her thoughts and personal opinions on topics ranging from reflections on life, favorite quotes, original poetry, politics, and her Christian faith. On her blog she mentions admiring the poetry of Joshua Bennett, who was Autism Light #253. Faith Jegede also has shared personal thoughts about her brothers on her blog. Here is two excellent blog posts that Faith Jegede wrote about where she mentions her relationship to her brothers who have autism.
To Her Brother Remi: If I were to communicate one thing to you, it would be that you are extraordinary. Your brilliance is beyond our conceptualization and you are worth more than you'll ever be able to realize. In you lies a gift. In you lies a lesson. In you lies a solution. In you lies love (Source).

100 Things to Be Thankful for in 2010: 5. I'm #thankful for my brothers. They often drive me nuts but always bring me joy. I'm excited to see what God will do in both of them (Source)."
Radio Show: Faith Jegede is the creator, presenter, and producer of a radio show called "What's in Yours?" (Source).  Faith Jegede's radio show airs for an hour on Tuesdays and Saturdays and centers around her getting to know guests by digging deep into their bags. You can access episodes of Faith Jegede's show at the Premier Gospel Website.

Twitter: Faith Jegede is very active on Twitter as @FaithJegede. Here are two of her inspirational tweets about life.
Social Media: You can follow Faith Jegede on social media at the following areas. 
Special thanks to Faith Jegede for spreading autism awareness and being a dedicated sister to her two brothers with autism. Faith Jegede is setting a wonderful example of advocacy for other young people who have siblings with autism. We look forward to continuing to hear amazing things about Faith Jegede's autism awareness advocacy in the years to come. If you enjoyed this post you may wish to read about the other Autism Lights with the label Siblings. These people share the special perspective in their story of having a sibling with autism.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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