Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walmart Stores in Springfield, Illinois

Autism Lights #138 are the Walmart Stores in Springfield, Illinois.

There are three Walmart Stores in Springfield, Illinois. Through the Walmart corporation's regional donation program, the Springfield stores gave 10 flat screen televisions to the Hope Institute for Children and Families on October 24, 2011. The televisions are being used to outfit the school's group homes with latest technology. The Walmart Stores in Springfield, Illinois are Autism Lights because the donations of these television will improve the lives of children in the group homes and many of those children have autism.

Here is a video of a news story on this donation to the Hope Institute by Walmart.

The Hope Institute for Children and Families was founded in 1957. They have a multi-faceted program for people with disabilities in Springfield, Illinois. Many of the children in the program have autism and the organization led the development of the Autism Program of Illinois.  Mr. Clint Paul of The Hope Institute said:
Thanks to today's generous donation from Walmart, our youth will have access to state-of-the-art television receives which can be used for educational and entertainment purposes. We want to thank the entire Walmart organization, particularly Mr. Winkler and Ms. Farr, for their generosity in supporting the children of Hope (Source).

To learn more about what this donation has meant to the Hope School visit this news story at their website. Walmart's charitable commitment is explained on their website at this link.

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Special thanks to the Walmart stores in Springfield, Illinois for the donation of televisions you made. Your generosity will help many children with autism to learn and recreate.

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