Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Derek Paravicini

Autism Light #108 is Derek Paravicini.

Derek Paravicini
Derek Paravicini is a young adult in this early 30's who is both blind and has autism. He is from Surry, England. Derek Paravicini is a savant with an exceptional musical skill. Derek Paravicini is an Autism Light because of the way he represents people with autism by using his exceptional and extraordinary skill to bring positive light to all who are blessed to hear his music.

Derek Paravicini was born 3 1/2 months premature and suffered severe trauma in birth that left with him severe disabilities. The oxygen therapy required to save his life at birth caused him to be blind and he also is on the autism spectrum. His twin sister died in the birth. At the age of 2 he began to exhibit a natural (and unnatural) ability to play music.  It has been determined that he has a rare ability of absolute perfect pitch.
The following is a 60 Minutes report on Derek Paravicini that was done by Lesley Stahl. 


The following is the trailer from The Musical Genius that featured the remarkable ability of Derek Paravicini. 

Award: Derek Paravicini received an award for his charitable work from the late Princess Diana (Source).

Biography: Derek Paravicini's official biography is called In the Key of Genius and was written by Dr. Adam Ockelford. An excerpt of the book can be read at this link. Dr. Adam Ockelford is a professor at the University of Roehampton in London and he has been a lifelong mentor to Derek Paravicini. 

Music: Here is Derek Paravicini playing a Christmas melody. A wide variety of his music is available on his YouTube Channel. You can also purchase his CD called Echoes of the Sounds to Be from CD Baby

Social Media: You can follow Derek Paravicini on the following social media.
For Other Information about Derek Paravicini check these websites:
Special thanks to Derek Paravicini for sharing your wonderful gift of music with the world. You are an inspiration to many people with autism who look up to your exceptional skill and you are entertaining thousands around the world.  To keep up with Derek Paravicini you may also wish to visit his official website at

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Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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