Sunday, October 9, 2011

Christopher Duffley

Autism Light #62 is Christopher Duffley.

Christopher Duffley
Christopher Duffley is 10 years old and lives in Manchester, New Hampshire. Christopher Duffley is blind and has autism. However, this young man is gaining national recognition as a gifted vocal singer. He also plays the piano.

Christopher has been blind since birth. He was born premature and weighed only 1 pound and 12 ounces. Steve and Christine Duffley adopted him and have encouraged his musical talent from a young age. Read his full story at this link.

Christopher Duffley is a Christian musician who also sings some patriotic music at public events in the New England area. His favorite musicians are Matt Maher, Paul Colman, and Chris Tomlin. He was able to sing with some of these musicians at SoulFest 2010. See this link for an uncut version of Christopher Duffley singing his favorite song Open My Eyes on YouTube.

The following was Christopher Duffley singing the United States National Anthem at the start of the New Hampshire Speedway on September 24, 2011 for the FW Webb NASCAR Truck Series 175. This was also his first time he sang before a nationally televised audience.

Christopher Duffley is an Autism Light for sharing his musical talent and inspiring thousands of people at the major events he performs at. Here is a list of some of the events Christopher Duffley has performed at.
  • FW Webb NASCAR Truck Series 175 (see video above)
  • Red Cross Gala
  • Fenway Park - Boston Red Sox Game
  • Teamsters Convention
  • New Hampshire State Hockey Championship
  • SoulFest 2010
To view several of these occasions when Christopher Duffley has sung publically visit his YouTube Channel at He has several videos uploaded and has also has added to his favorites some of his videos that are housed on other channels.

You may follow Christopher Duffley at the following Social Media.
In addition, his official website is at Special thanks to Christopher Duffley for being an inspiration that people with disabilities can accomplish great things. You are truely an inspiration and Autism Light plans to follow the amazing time of your life that lies ahead for you.

If you found this story interesting you may wish to read about Derek Paravicini who was Autism Light #108 and has an amazing musical ability despite being blind and having autism.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photo: The Photo in this post was received from Christopher Duffley's family for use here.


  1. He is an amazing young kid with soo much talent and event hough he is autistic, he has so much potential!

  2. A true American Ambasador,demostrating one way, how God has blessed America. An old Celtic/Irish saying applies here.(Is ar Dhia bhronntanas a mharc. Is e an marc a chuid omha). God gives a gift of his mark. The mark is in his image. Every Irish/American and all US nationals should be so proud, to have the honour in having a fellow citizen Christopher Duffley perform his amazing talent. Coming from where Christopher came, plus a disability ( an Mharc) to his loving parents and family, is part of God,s gift. We all can see, realize and learn from this experience by such a performance as of Christopher,s life

  3. His PARENTS are amazing!!!! Not many people would adopt a blind, autistic child to begin with, not to mention the time they have invested in his well-being!!

  4. Never let people tell you can't do thing you can be your self and you will go far in life Christopher Duffley!!!!!