Saturday, October 8, 2011

Felicity Nyambura Ngungu

Autism Light #61 is Felicity Nyambura Ngungu.

Felicity Nyambura Ngungu is a Founder member of the Autism Society of Kenya and has served as its Director and Chief Executive Officer since 2000. Felicity Nyamburu Ngungu has a grandson with autism.

Felicity Nyambura Ngungu is a graduate of Sussex Institute of Economics and Management. She majored in Marketing, Nutrition, and Oral Health and worked for 23 years for East Africa Industries (which is now Unilever Kenya) doing demonstrations on nutrition and health.

She has traveled to two other continents of the world to learn about autism and she is passionately dedicated to do all she can to help the Autism Society of Kenya make a difference for people living with autism in Kenya. Felicity Nyamburu Ngungu is an Autism Light because of her leadership and development of the Autism Society of Kenya.

On September 9, 2003 the Autism Society of Kenya opened up a program in the City Primary School in Ngara. The Autism Society of Kenya describes their program on their Website in the following way:
The core of our autism program is a nutritional program, which runs concurrently with an appropriate and highly structured educational program. Dietary intervention is one of the therapies, which has shown consistent positive results in the management of a child with Autism. Intensive occupational and educational program incorporating principles of behavior modification must accompany this.
The Autism Society of Kenya has an excellent website at The Website has information on the organization's activities and some helpful information to families living with autism in Kenya. They have an Information Portal and also have a separate section for Dietary Interventions. The following is a video that the Autism Society of Kenya has put together and features on their Website.

The Autism Society of Kenya also has an excellent Facebook Group you can join to stay informed of their activities.

Special thanks to Felicity Nyambura Ngungu for spreading light and hope for those who have autism in Kenya. Felicity's hard work for autism in Kenya is a tremendous blessing to the cause of autism in Kenya and she is a bright and shining light in the global autism community.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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