Friday, November 18, 2011

Lydia Wayman

Autism Light #88 is Lydia Wayman.

Lydia Wayman with her cat Elsie
Lydia Wayman is from Richland, Pennsylvania.  Lydia is a writer and cat lover. She also has autism. Lydia Wayman is an Autism Light because she is writing about her experiences of living as an independent adult with autism through her blog and in self-published books in order to spread awareness and understanding of autism.

Blog: Lydia Wayman's blog is called Autistic Speaks.  She is a prolific blogger and much can be learned about autism first hand through her writing. Visit her blog at  Her content on the blog includes but is not limited to updates on what is happening in her life, a window into the life and thoughts of a young adult with autism, and some original poetry. Lydia provides a priceless look at the thoughts of someone with autism and in doing so breaks down several stereotypes people normally have about individuals with autism. Her most recent posts have included a discussion of her physical health (unrelated to autism) and her Christian religious faith. The theme of her blog is:

Not despite autism but because of it.

Author: Lydia Wayman has written two self-published books that are available for purchase on LuLu, which will help people understand autism from someone with autism.
  1. Living in Technicolor: An Autistics Thoughts on-Raising a Child with Autism
  2. Interview With Autism
The proceeds from the sale of these books is being used to bring Lydia's service dog home.

Social Media: You can follow Lydia Wayman (Autistic Speaks) at the following social media areas.
Heart of Autism: On July 18, 2013, Lydia Wayman was featured in the Heart of Autism series by Autism Speaks

You can find a listing of different press articles written about this remarkable Autism Light at  Lydia has also acquired the URL of and eventually one will be able to find her information there.

Special thanks to Lydia Wayman for sharing her joys and sorrows; victories and setbacks; and feelings and knowledge with the world. Lydia is truly an amazing individual who can teach the world a lot about autism, if we will only listen.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photo: The Photo in this post is used with the permission of Lydia Wayman.

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