Friday, June 24, 2011

Diane Soucy

Autism Light #3 is Diane Soucy

Diane Soucy founded the ADL Center after discovering her son Matthew had autism.  She now serves as the President of the ADL Center. Diane Soucy is leading ADL into new and innovative services to those with autism.  ADL stands for "Activities for Daily Living".

Diane Soucy writes this in her story on her website about being an autism mother, "I worked almost as hard as my Matthew to educate myself and get him the services he desperately needed. It was no easy battle, but it is paying off. Matthew has made steady progress, and makes tiny gains everyday. Along his journey is his family, for the roller coaster ride. Quite frankly, sometimes we, in turn, want to get off. But there is no getting off; we're on it for the journey."

Diane Soucy was interviewed on Comcast Newsmakers for a past Autism Awareness Month and the following video was produced about her.

Pepsi Refresh Project:  They have competed for several Pepsi Refresh Project fundraisers.
The following is a news story about a fundraiser the ADL Center had.

Social Media: Fund out more about the ADL Center and Diane Soucy's work at these social media places.
Special thanks to Diane Soucy for making a difference for autism. Diane's Soucy holds the distinction of being the very first autism mother to be featured on the Autism Light blog. 

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism. 

Photo: Photo in this post used with permission of Diane Soucy.


  1. Thank you sooo much!! As founder of the young and growing ADL Center, Inc. I want you to know how much your recognition means to me. ADL Center strives hard to serve the families and individuals on the Autism Spectrum by providing free educational advocacy services and community relations. Please look for our proposals in the Pepsi Refresh program again in November. There will be four of them all geared toward assisting the Autism community. I promise to keep you posted.
    You can keep up to date on events and programs by visiting our website, here on Twitter and on Facebook at:
    And again, thank you so very much!
    Diane L. Soucy

  2. Hi all! ADL Center is in the Pepsi Refresh again!
    Please vote to give kids with autism and their siblings free swim lessons-
    to provide free after school activities (art, music, legos and yoga) to kids with autism and their siblings!
    Voting is free and easy, we need to be in the top 15 of our grant tiers to win funding for these great programs.
    Thanks for your support and please spread the word and encourage others to vote!