Monday, May 4, 2015

7 Memorable Mothers of Autism Light

Autism Mothers are Awesome!

Here are links to 7 memorable posts on Autism Mother's that were featured in the past on Autism Light.
  1. Diane Soucy: Diane Soucy was the first autism mother to be featured on Autism Light. Diane's son Matthew has autism. Original Post: June 24, 2011.

  2. Nuala Gardner: Nuala Gardner is from Scotland. Her post is Autism Light's most accessed International Post featuring a mother. Nuala's son Dale has autism. She is the author of the book A Friend Like Henry. Original Post: October 5, 2011.

  3. Jeanette O'Donnell: Jeanette O'Donnell has the distinction of having the most children with autism on Autism Light. Jeanette is from Texas and 5 of her children have autism. Original Post: October 11, 2011.

  4. Joan Edge: Joan Edge is from England and is one of the sweetest mothers to appear on Autism Light. At age 82 when she was featured, she was the oldest mother to appear as an International Post. Her son Michael has autism. Original Post: January 10, 2012.

  5. Eustacia Cutler: Eustacia Cutler is the mother of Dr. Temple Grandin, who is Autism Light #38. Eustacia was featured as the first post in our Mother's Day series. Original Post: May 13, 2012.

  6. Lin Wessels: Lin Wessels is the mother of Sam Wessels, who is Autism Light #152. Lin was featured as the second post in our Mother's Day series. Original Post: May 12, 2013.

  7. Areva Martin: Areva Martin was the first Autism Mother to be part of our Martin Luther King, Jr. Series. Areva's son Marty has autism. Original Post: January 19, 2015.

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