Saturday, May 23, 2015

James Durbin

Autism Light #400 is James Durbin.

James Durbin was born on January 6, 1989. He is a musician from Santa Cruz, California. James Durbin has the form of autism known as Asperger syndrome and he also has Tourette syndrome. James Durbin rose to prominence in the entertainment and music world when he finished in fourth place on the tenth season of American Idol in 2011. James Durbin is an Autism Light for his anti-bullying advocacy and for the way in which his music has encouraged others with autism to reach for their dreams. In fact, James Durbin is a role model specifically to Autism Light #159, Michael Korins.

On His Autism: Kerry Magro, who was Autism Light #119, interviewed James Durbin in the Spring of 2014. James Durbin said this about his autism and the opportunity to be an autism advocate.
It makes me really proud. Proud to have Autism. Proud to be overcoming this obstacle. And especially proud to be showing the world that regardless of what label you're given, regardless of what diagnosis you have, you are not fully disabled of your dreams. It is up to us to be that difference. Spread the word & make it known that we are just as capable as everyone else. More so I think. We just need a little more time, a little extra help (James Durbin as quoted by Autism Speaks, April 8, 2014). 
Here is a video of James Durbin singing the song in the finals of American Idol in 2011 called Don't Stop Believin. 

Music: James Durbin has released the following recorded music.

  • In 2014 James Durbin produced his Album called Celebrate. His website states, "It's this musical juxtaposition of rock and pop that Durbin offers up on his eagerly awaited sophomore album, CELEBRATE.

Family: James Durbin married his wife Heidi Lowe on December 31, 2011. They have a son named Hunter and a daughter Kinzee Cuz.

Anti-Bullying Message: James Durbin is a spokesperson for the Be a STAR Alliance. He shares an anti-bullying message and has revealed that he was a victim of bullying growing up. James Durbin said, "If you're being bullied the best thing you can do is to tell someone. It's also, and I know from experience, it's the hardest thing to do (, March 19, 2012)."

The following is a video of James Durbin being interviewed by Dr. Drew about his autism and Tourette's.

Contact: To contact James Durbin use the following email.

Social Media/Websites: You can follow James Durbin on the following social media pages and websites.

Special thanks to James Durbin for being an Autism Light. James Durbin has a special talent as a singer and guitarist. We expect to continue to hear good things about James Durbin's music career and influence as an autism role model in the future.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photo: The photo of James Durbin is in the Public Domain.

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