Friday, November 9, 2012

United States

Autism Light has reached a special milestone today. Autism Light #230 from Washington State completes a goal we have had since the early days of the blog to be able to share the positive stories about autism from around the entire United States. As of today there is at least one Autism Light from every state in the United States of America featured on this blog. Some of the larger states like California and New York have several Autism Lights but each state has at least one.

With this milestone reached it brings us to a new project that will be integrated into the Autism Light blog. We will begin dedicating a post on each state and including links on the page to the respective Autism Lights that call that state home. The purpose of this will be to make it easier for people to see what Autism Light stories are available from a particular state. We will also begin to help promote positive autism events from the respective state on the page.

Please be patient with us as it will take a while to cover every state. In the meantime you can always find an Autism Light from a particular state by clicking on the state "Label" in our Homelands page.

Thanks for helping us honor these diverse Autism Lights through your visits to this blog.

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