Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scott and Gail Werner-Robertson

Autism Lights #229 are Scott and Gail Werner-Robertson.

Scott and Gail Werner-Robertson are from Omaha, Nebraska.  They have two sons with autism. Scott is a pilot and owner of the air charter company, UltraAir and Gail Werner-Robertson is a lawyer who founded GWR Wealth Mangement. Scott and Gail Werner-Robertson are Autism Lights for being dedicated parents of autism and for bringing hope and help to those with autism in Nebraska through the Autism Action Partnership that they founded.

The role Scott and Gail Werner-Robertson had in the origins of the Autism Action Partnership is explained this way on the Autism Action Partnership's website.
Gail Werner-Robertson and Scott Robertson, the founders of Autism Action Partnership (AAP), laid the groundwork for Autism Action Partnership in 2000 when they began the GWR Sunshine Foundation. As the parents of two sons diagnosed with autism, they personally experienced the constant challenges and frustrations associated with finding adequate, cost effective treatment services, medical expertise, and basic educational support for their children. Determined that other Nebraska families would not have to endure the same struggles, Gail and Scott began their work to provide support to individuals with autism and their families across the state (Source).
You can view a news story on the work of Scott and Gail Werner-Robertson on YouTube at (sorry the YouTube settings won't allow this great video of Scott and Gail Werner-Robertson to be embeded here).  In addition, here is a YouTube video spotlighting the different programs associated with the Autism Action Partnership.

The Autism Action Partnership became a public non-profit organization in 2008.  Gail Werner-Robertson serves as the Chairman of the Board to this day. Gail's motivation for making a difference for autism can be understood in the following statement she made as an autism parent:

"All I ever wanted was for my child to be invited to just one birthday party (Source)."

Gail Werner-Robertson: Gail Werner-Robertson earned both her B.A. and J.D. from Creighton University. For more information on Gail Werner-Robertson you can read her biography at the Plate Institute for Economic Research's website.

Scott Robertson: Scott Robertson's biography on the UltraAir website says the following:
Scott is a founding board member of the Nebraska Business Aviation Association and sits on the boards of the Mid-America Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the Children's Scholarship Fund. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and resides in Omaha with his wife and four children (Source).
Scott and Gail Werner-Robertson are the first Autism Lights from the state of Nebraska. Their dedication to shining a light for autism in Omaha, Nebraska is an inspiration to the autism community. The autism community is fortunate to have them as parent leaders who fight the good fight for autism in Nebraska.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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