Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brian Rubin

Autism Light #45 is Brian Rubin.

Brian Rubin
Brian Rubin is an estate planning attorney who lives and practices law in Illinois. He is also a father of a child with autism. Brian Rubin is an Autism Light because of his passionate advocacy for autism, and his concentrated dedication as an attorney to help educate and represent families of special needs children with estate planning.

Parent: Brian Rubin is a parent of a 30 year old son named Mitchell Rubin who has autism. After Mitchell was diagnosed with autism, Brian decided to use his profession to help secure a better future for those with autism. Brian states on his Website the following.
Since 1981, with Mitchell's birth, Brian's practice became dedicated to appropriate "Special Needs Future Planning" (SNFP) for his fellow Illinois parents and families of children and adults with special needs.
Law Practice: Brian Rubin began practicing law in 1976 and in 2001 he founded The Law Offices of Brian Rubin & Associates. The Law Offices of Brian Rubin & Associates limits its work to helping families with developmental disabilities (such as autism) complete estate planning.  Brian writes on his Website,
My law firm's practice is limited to serving my fellow families of children with special needs...not concentrated, but limited. That is all we do.
Presenter: Brian Rubin gives regular public presentations which he calls Heart to Heart Family Educational Group Presentations.  He also frequently speaks at state and national conferences on autism.
Board Membership: Brian Rubin's influence is felt publically through the numerous state and national boards he serves on related to human services and autism. His past and present work with dozens of diverse agencies are outlined in a section of his Website called "Who is Brian?". Brian Rubin has been appointed by several Governors of Illinois to serve on state boards related to human services and special needs and serves on on several boards of national organizations including the following:
Social Media: You can find Brian Rubin at the following social media.
Thanks to Brian Rubin for being an Autism Light in the often confusing world of special needs estate planning. 

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism. 

Photo: Photo in this post used with permission of Brian Rubin.


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