Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cynthia Howroyd

Autism Light #31 is Cynthia Howroyd.  

Cynthia Howroyd
Cynthia Howroyd is an experienced speech language pathologist who specializes in autism treatment and is currently the CEO of a software company aimed at autism that is being used worldwide.  She is also a conference speaker. Cynthia Howroyd is an Autism Light because of the work she has done to improve the speech and education of children with autism.

Cynthia Howroyd is from Canada but grew up in Australia.  The following was written about her in a PR Web Press Release in March of 2007.
"Leaving Tasamnia at the age of six when her father accepted a teaching post at a Canadian university, Cynthia Howroyd went on to become one of the first speech language pathologists on the Canadian East Coast to work with children with autism. Years later, as president and CEO of a software company, she's a pioneer in the use of technology to provide autism services."
Cynthia Howroyd founded the Canadian company AutismPro in 2006 to engage technology in the treatment of autism. AutismPro is a custom intervention program she created to assist educators with improving the learning experiences of children with autism.  It utilizes a combination of online computer software and professional consulting services. Presently there are over 1,000 clients throughout the world using AutismPro. The following YouTube video explains the AutismPro workshops and website.

For more information on AutismPro and Cynthia Howroyd's work visit these websites:
You can also visit her Website at or follow her on Twitter.

Special thanks to Cynthia Howroyd for being an Autism Light. Countless children with autism have the potential for improved speech through your efforts.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism. 

Photo: Photo in this post used with permission of Cynthia Howroyd.

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