Thursday, March 1, 2012

Glenn Edwards

Autism Light #158 is Glenn Edwards.

Glenn Edwards is a 31 year old Camerman for 9 News in Melbourne, Australia. On February 27, 2012, he rescued Ryan Pham, a 7 year old Vietnamese boy with autism, who was lost near Kororoit Creek. Glenn Edwards is an Autism Light for rescuing Ryan Pham from a dangerous situation.

Ryan Pham had been missing for 16 hours. Glenn Edwards and reporter Rob Scott were covering the story with 9 News when the boy was spotted near the fast moving river called Kororoit Creek. Glenn Edwards described the rescue situation like this:
When I got to him I couldn't touch the bottom and we were up to our necks in water literally. It was freezing cold. I could feel his heart beating on my chest - he was so scared. The current was that strong it dragged us 30 metres down the creek. (Source).
Other news articles on this miraculous rescue can be found at the following links:
The user "johnsview" from Cawarral left the following comment on the 9 News video of Glenn Edwards rescuing Ryan Pham.
Watched this on the news and felt a great admiration for Glenn and his bravery. After years of seeing the media in a bad light Glenn has shown at least he is willing to put himself on the line for this kid. I hope he is recognized not just for his bravery but I guess he and his partner have scored a scoop and it should be recognised as an amazing story. Well done Glenn, you have probably restored many peoples faith in journalism with this act of courage.

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Special thanks to Glenn Edwards for being an Autism Light. This story underscores the dangers that sometimes befall people with autism. It's positive outcome inspires us to not lose hope even in grim situations. One never knows when the opportunity will exist to become a hero to someone with autism.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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