Monday, March 19, 2012

Alex Hale

Autism Light #170 is Alex Hale. 

Alex Hale is from Cleveland, Ohio. Alex is a 21 year old college student with Asperger's Syndrome who sings to raise awareness for autism. One of his signature songs called Into the Light fits what Alex means to autism. Alex Hale is an Autism Light for the way that his singing brings encouragement to others and raises awareness for autism.

College: Alex Hale is a student at Bryant & Stratton College and studies at the Cleveland, Ohio campus.  His major is an Associate's in Applied Science Business. In an article on Alex Hale, Bryant & Stratton College said, "Alex is not only living successfully despite his challenges, he is using his condition to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorders (Source)."

John P. Girard, Bryant & Stratton College Cleveland Campus Director said, "Alex embodies the Bryant & Stratton spirit of overcoming obstacles and striving to make a difference within and outside of academics (Source)."

Alex Hale has a mission when he sings. His desire is to provide awareness of autism and to be a role model to others with autism just like him. Alex wants other people with autism to say to themselves when they hear him, "If he can do it, what can I do!"  In this news feature Alex and his parents talk about his singing tour around the United States in 2011.


One of the ways that Alex raises awareness for autism is through lyrics that tell about autism. The following video is Alex Hale singing his signature song Into the Light. Alex and Joel Moss of Soul Session wrote the lyrics to this song.

Walk Now For Autism Speaks: On August 21, 2011, Alex Hale provided entertainment for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks held in Cleveland, Ohio (Source). Alex sang the National Anthem and provided other music at the event.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum: On October 22, 2011, Alex Hale sang at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum as part of Autism Speaks Rock Till It Stops 2011. Information on the event is at this link.
The following are news articles written about Alex Hale's autism awareness through singing.
Special thanks to Alex Hale for using his gift of singing to raise awareness for autism. The autism community is encouraged by people with autism like Alex who use their talents on public venues.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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