Saturday, March 3, 2012

Autism Light Receives 20,000 Views

Special Thanks to All Parents of Individuals with Autism.

The Autism Light blog reached 20,000 page views moments ago. This represents a lot of hope being spread around the world in just a little over 8 months time. We want to give a special shout out on this milestone to to a special group of people that are unsung heroes to autism. They are parents of children and adults with autism. In a very real sense it is this group of diverse parents who are day in and day out true Autism Lights. Behind every successful person with autism at one time in their life there was a caring and devoted parent or guardian.  Some specific parents (56 so far) have been publicly recognized as an Autism Light, but thousands of others work behind the scenes and are never recognized by others. They are a steady fan and support for their loved one with autism. They are the wind beneath the wings of those with autism.

So if you have autism thank your parents for their help. And if you care about the cause of autism then remember this weekend to appreciate all the autism parents who shine their light for Autism. As parents of those with autism often say, "Every Day is Autism Awareness Day in Our House."

A regret at Autism Light is that there are so many more parents we could mention specifically but have not been able to. We will work at telling as many more of their stories as we can in the future.  Autism Light thanks all the parents of those with autism for the work you do when the days are difficult and you struggle to put a positive face on the various challenges you encounter. Keep the light on.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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