Monday, October 17, 2011

Jim St. Leger

Autism Light #69 is Jim St. Leger.

Jim St. Leger lives in Phoenix, Arizona and works as the Technology Marketing Manager for Intel in California. His son Schuyler has autism.  Jim St. Leger is an Autism Light because of his advocacy and motivational speaking that help people understand autism.  

Here is a video of a dynamic presentation on autism by Jim St. Leger that is found on YouTube. The presentation is called Surprise! Your Child Has Autism. Now What!

Jim St. Leger and his son Schuyler were also involved in the Hacking Autism event on October 11, 2011.  Hacking Autism is an ongoing initiative sponsored by Hewlett-Packard and several autism organizations, where people are being invited to brainstorm ideas that can be used to create new apps for smart phones and the iPad that could potentially help those with autism.  Jim and Schuyler's idea was to use a smart phone's camera to assist children with autism to improve their comprehension of facial expressions on others.  Jim St. Leger said about this idea, "Children on the Autism spectrum, including my son, have a very difficult time understanding what you and I would take for granted with social cues, including a person smiling or frowning (Source)."   A related blog is written about Jim and his son at the Digital Scriber.

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Special thanks to Jim St. Leger for the positive difference you are making for the cause of autism.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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