Monday, October 24, 2011

Dr. Jeff Kinner

Autism Light #75 is Dr. Jeff Kinner.  

Dr. Jeff Kinner is a Dentist and the Director of the Autism Dental Center for Children in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Dr. Jeff Kinner is an Autism Light because of his dedication to make the process as easy as possible for children with autism to receive needed dental treatment.

Dr. Jeff Kinner began his dental practice in Nevada in 1983.  He limits his practice to children up through age 18.  His work with autism began in earnest in 2007.  According to his website,
In 2007, Dr. Kinner had a sense that children with special needs, especially those with autism, were not receiving dental care with the dignity they deserved. He formed the Autism Dental Center for Children to forge new strategies for the treatment of children with autism. Children who were once automatically taken to a surgery center or put into a straight jacket for dental treatment are now often integrated into a private practice environment. Most can receive routine recare visits without being hospitalized, restrained, or sedated.
The following is a promotional video about Dr. Jeff Kinner's practice.

Dr. Jeff Kinner feels that traditional dental practice is often not tolerated by children with autism. He notes on the front page of his website these three ways to help children with autism adjust to dental treatment:
  1. Provide repetitive familiarization
  2. Offer rewards
  3. Listen to the parents knowledge of what works with their child
"Our philosophy is that every child with autism must be given the opportunity to receive routine dental care visits without the use of drugs or restraints," says Dr. Jeff Kinner.

The Autism Dental Center for Children is located at Summerlin Medical Center, 653 N. Town Center Drive, Suite 104, Las Vegas, NV 89144.   You may contact them through one of these means.
Social Media: You can follow Dr. Jeff Kinner at these social media areas:
For more information on Dr. Jeff Kinner and his work read his bio from his Website at this link.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Update: Dr. Jeff Kinner retired at the end of 2011. This post was written prior to his retirement. 

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