Friday, December 27, 2013

North Carolina Lights

The State of North Carolina is the home currently to 10 Autism Lights, a football team,a football quarterback, 3 autism fathers, a musician, an autism uncle, a camp, a leader of organizations for special needs, and a psychologist.

 North Carolina Autism Lights

  1. Jason Allison is an Autism Father and the Assistant Coach at Appalachian State Men's Basketball program in Boone, North Carolina.
  2. Dwayne Ballen is an Autism Father and Sportscaster from Durham, North Carolina who wrote the book "Journey with Julian". 
  3. Dr. Brian Bowman is an Autism Father and a Medical Doctor from Cary, North Carolina.
  4. Rachel Groner is a co-director of Jewish autism organizations in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
  5. Jamie McMurray is an Autism Uncle and NASCAR driver from Mooresville, North Carolina.
  6. Cam Newton is the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers who showed kindness to a boy with autism in 2015. He is from Charlotte, North Carolina. 
  7. Johnny Orr is a Musician from Raleigh, North Carolina who wrote the song We'll Get By (The Autism Song).
  8. Carolina Panthers: An NFL franchise based in Charlotte, North Carolina who have reached out to some special fans with autism. 
  9. Dr. Eric Schopler (1927-2006) was a professor and psychologist whose work at the University of North Carolina helped lead to the growth of the TEACCH Autism program around the world. His home was in Mebane, North Carolina.  He is on the Autism Light Memorial Roll. 
  10. Talisman Camp Programs offer camping programs for individuals age 8-22 with autism. They are located in Zirconia, North Carolina
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The map of North Carolina is from the Wikipedia Commons.

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