Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trey Brand

Autism Light #409 is Trey Brand.

Trey Brand is a 13 year old with autism who lives in Battlefield, Missouri. Trey Brand excels at the sport of bowling and has recorded multiple perfect 300 games since he was age 10. Trey Brand is an Autism Light for how his success in the bowling alley can inspire others with autism to take up the enjoyable pastime of bowling.

"Since he started bowling at the age of 10, Brand has bowled two perfect 300 games in the United States Bowling Congress sanctioned play, and at least eight other non-sanctioned perfect games in addition to that (News-Leader, June 9, 2015)."

In honor of his accomplishments his hometown of Battlefield, Missouri designated June 4, 2015, as Trey Brand Day. He was given the esteemed award in recognition of how he lives his life "with autism with grace, diligence and hard work." Trey Brand was given the honor at an Autism Authors Pep Rally that featured as a guest speaker professional golfer and autism advocate Elijah Winfrey, who was Autism Light #334.

Ten-time PBA champion, Belmonte met Trey Brand in 2012 and he said, "Before I met Trey I heard about his awesome accomplishments. After watching Trey bowl against me, I could tell those accomplishments were just the start of what I believe will be a great career. He is a good young man, has great form and a wonderful family supporting him. The sky is the limit for Trey, and I hope he keeps doing what he does best (, Meet Trey Brand)."

In July 2015, Trey Brand will be competing in the Junior Gold Bowling Championship in Chicago. We wish Trey all the best in his future bowling competitions. We have a feeling we will be hearing more about his accomplishments as he grows as a teenager. Special thanks to Trey Brand for showing the autism community that the sport of bowling may just be the perfect game for some individuals with autism.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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  1. I watched Trey Brand at the Teen Masters National Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas. This kid knows how to throw a bowling ball the two handed method! He took second place in all age groups and first place in 14 and under. I wish him the best of luck at Junior Gold in Chicago! Steve Fortune of Boise, Idaho