Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chelsea Stepp

Autism Light #330 is Chelsea Stepp.

Chelsea Stepp is a 21 year old pop singer and songwriter from Warfield, Kentucky. Chelsea's youngest sister Cammi has autism and she wrote the song Beautiful Blessing in her honor. Chelsea Stepp has been chosen as the first Autism Light for the year 2014, because of her dedication to her relationship with her sibling with autism and her amazing talent in music that is spreading autism awareness.

Here is an interview that Chelsea Stepp did about autism and her admiration for her sister Cammi as it relates to her song Beautiful Blessing.

Paper Airplane: Chelsea Stepp released her first music album on September 1, 2013 called Paper Airplane. Paper Airplanes includes 8 songs, including Beautiful Blessing.  You can purchase her album on iTunes or at Amazon.

Here is the song that Chelsea Stepp sings called Beautiful Blessing. It was inspired by her younger sister who has autism and cowrote with Britton Cameron. The refrain includes these words.

Beautiful blessing, beautiful curse
Things could be better, but things could be worse
Give me your heaven, give me your hurt
Beautiful blessing, beautiful curse

Two special comments and tributes to Chelsea Stepp's song came from autism mothers by way of social media.
Website: To learn more about Chelsea Stepp visit her website at
Social Media: You can follow Chelsea Stepp on the following social media areas.

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Special thanks to Chelsea Stepp for being an Autism Light. Chelsea's music is a blessing to many and the doors her music opens to her for autism advocacy is an inspiration to the autism community.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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