Friday, January 31, 2014

Cliff Kresge

Autism Light #335 is Cliff Kresge.

Cliff Kresge is a 45 year old professional golfer and an autism father. Cliff Kresge's 13 year old son Mason has autism. Cliff Kresge has homes in both Heathrow, Florida and Kingsport, Tennessee.  The headquarters of Kresge's Krew Foundation is in Kingsport, Tennnessee and proceeds benefit autism in East Tennessee, which has fewer autism resources than Florida. Cliff Kresge is an Autism Light for his dedication as an autism father and for how his golfing and charitable work makes a difference for autism in East Tennessee.

Golfer: Cliff Kresge states on his website that, "I got started in golf at age 8 when my parents moved to the 13th hole of Dubsdread GC in Orlando, FL. My swing is natural. I learned to play the game on my own, without an instructor (Cliff Kresge.Net)." Kresge turned pro in 1991 and made his PGA debut in 1994. You can view his golfing statistics at his page on ESPN. Cliff Kresge was the winner of the 2002 Virginia Beach Open.

Golf Week Magazine Father of the Year: In 2011 Cliff Kresge was honored as the Father of the Year by Golf Week Magazine.

Kresge's Krew Foundation:  Cliff Kresge started Kresge's Krew Foundation in honor of his son Mason. Kresge said, "My son inspired us to do our foundation. It's a bittersweet thing, but it is very gratifying and very rewarding (Knox News, August 20, 2012)."

"Kresge's Krew Foundation has raised some $350,000 over the past five years for autism care in East Tennessee (, Jeff Shain, April 24, 2013)." Cliff Kresge said, "Every little bit helps. It doesn't go far enough, I promise you. But to me, awareness is the biggest thing (, Jeff Shain, April 24, 2013)."

Find out more information about Kresge's Krew Foundation on their Website.

The following is a video of Cliff Kresge explaining about the third year of the Kresge's Krew Tourney for Autism Awareness that was held in September, 2011.

After a fundraising event in 2010, Kresge said, "My message with an event like this is that autism isn't some sort of death sentence--autism is something you can function with if you get the proper help. I've learned to appreciate what I have in my life, because I've learned some kids don't have a choice in how their lives go (Golf, Jeff Babineau, September 16, 2010)."

Social Media: You can follow Cliff Kresge on the following social media areas.
Wikipedia:  You can learn more about Cliff Kresge on the Cliff Kresge Wikipedia Page.
Website: Visit the official Cliff Kresge Website for more information on his activities.

Special thanks to Cliff Kresge for being an Autism Light. The blessing he is providing to the autism community in East Tennessee is impacting many lives. We wish him the best in all his autism awareness and his ongoing roll as one of our super autism fathers.

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