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Kathy Medina

Autism Light #190 is Kathy Medina.

Kathy Medina is from Clovis, California. She and her husband Glenn have three children, including a son with autism named Zack. Kathy was a Life Insurance Agent for 15 years with American United Life, and left that position in order to be able to home school her son Zack. She is the author of the book Finding God in Autism and has developed a fantastic website that compliments the book and offers around the clock spiritual encouragement to families living with autism. Kathy Medina is an Autism Light because of the lives that she has touched with spiritual encouragement in the face of autism through her writing and website.

Author: Kathy Medina is the author of the book Finding God in Autism. The book includes Biblical resources to help parents raise their child with autism that the author gathered in her study and in conversations with clergy. You can find an outline of the book on the front page of the website

You can purchase the book at her website for $9.99 plus shipping.  Group discounts are available. Kathy mentions on her website that 50% of the people who purchase the book later purchase an extra copy for a friend.

Prayer Book: Kathy Medina also has a 63 page E-Book available called Livin on a Prayer. For information on its content and ordering it visit her website.

Education: Kathy Medina is a graduate of Fresno Pacific Bible College (now Fresno Pacific University).

Website: Kathy Medina's website has rich resources focused on themes of her book. It has diverse spiritual resources that will encourage families with autism or any special needs with faith-based questions.

Home Schooling: Kathy Medina is devoted to assuring her son Zack has a good education. She started out by using curriculum from the Lovaas Institute. She has used  RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) curriculum since 2005 and is very pleased with the results for her son. For those considering home schooling, Kathy Medina advises people to consider if it meets their unique situation. Kathy says, "Home schooling has worked well for us. I can't recommend it to everyone. It is a great sacrifice."
Kathy and her son Zack
Diverse Treatments: Kathy Medina has tried several treatments in the past with her son, including the gluten free/casein free diet, specific carbohydrate diet, occupational therapy, speech therapy, supplements, IV Secretin, ABA, Son-Rise Program, hyperbaric oxygen chamber,  cranio-sacral therapy, AIT, Sensory Learning Institute, saunas, clay baths, and chelation. Kathy Medina told Autism Light, "We are still on the road to recovering Zack using the Body Ecology Diet, vital sounds listening therapy, the MMS protocol, supplements, horse therapy and RDI."

Church Life: Zack Medina attends Sunday School and the class at their church uses a curriculum from the organization Joni and Friends. Joni and Friends will help any church set up special classes for special needs students. 

Encouragement:  Kathy Medina offered this friendly advice to parents of children with autism.
I talk to many parents who are overwhelmed and discouraged by what they think is the future. I have found it to be much more productive to not look to far into the future but to focus on the present. I focus on what my child can do. I am grateful what he has overcome. I have found that if you do not control your thoughts your fears will be magnified.
Kathy Medina believes that parents need support in dealing with autism and that they can find that on a spiritual level.
I see many parents exhausting themselves trying to help their children. None of us were designed to go this road alone. Each of us can get God's favor. But to get God's favor, we must do our part and seek a relationship with Him.We need to ask our Almighty God for wisdom, direction and strength. If we seek God we will gain character, endurance, patience, wisdom and know unconditional love. We will become the people that God wants us to become. 
Special thanks to Kathy Medina for being an Autism Light and helping people with faith questions related to autism. For more information on Kathy Medina visit her biography on her website.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photos: The photos in this post were used with permission of Kathy Medina.

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