Sunday, April 8, 2012

John Mikkiah Thompson

Autism Light Classic
Updated on December 14, 2014. 

Autism Light #181 is John Mikkiah Thompson.

On this Third Sunday of Advent we wanted to revisit the story of a Christian young man with autism who we first featured on Autism Light back on Easter Sunday, 2012.

John Mikkiah Thompson will turn 21 years old this week and is from Shelbyville, Indiana. He has autism and did not speak until he was age 8, but he is making a tremendous difference in this world through his Christian music that spreads the message of his personal Christian faith. John Mikkiah Thompson is an Autism Light for the awareness he brings to autism when he shares his outstanding musical talent and gifts of faith.

If you hear John Mikkiah Thompson sing it is clear that there is a lot of heart behind his words. The reason for this may be because the music came to this young man with autism before he had any words. And he credits this victory to the act of the God he praises and adores through his music.

John's father Grant Thompson said to Autism Light, "By the time John was 8 years old he could listen to just about anything and play it the same day. This is what the Lord used to "unlock" John Mikkiah Thompson's tongue. When he holds that Mic in his hand or sits down behind the piano, a Miracle takes place right before your eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME. All of the autism disappears and you would never, ever known that it even existed."

The following is a video of John Mikkiah Thompson singing his song "I Believe" on YouTube.

John's song, You Made Me Who I Am was written by his father Grant Thompson and a version of him singing this is below.

Past Awards: Dann Veldkamp of The Center Grover Community Newspaper describes John's experience on the stage this way, "Once John Mikkiah's talent was recognized his career started to take off. In 2010, he won the 'Shelby Idol" contest and swept multiple categories in the Franklin Fall Talent Contest. He appeared at the 2010 Indiana State Fair and formed the National Anthem at the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May, 2011 (Source)."
At the Strand Theater: The following is a video of John singing at the Strand in Shelby, Indiana. He is introduced with the master of ceremonies reading a letter from his family that tells a story of how autism, music, and faith have been a part of John Mikkiah Thompson's life.

Not Giving Up: Like each of us in our own way, John Mikkiah Thompson continues to work at areas he can grow in his life and he is involved in ABA therapy for his autism. John offered the following advice for people with autism about finding success in life: Never Give Up and the Lord Will Help You!

Social Media: You can follow the work of John Mikkiah Thompson at the following social media:
Praise Band:  When not on the road performing, John Mikkiah Thompson is in the Praise Band at his church in Indiana, the Word of Life Fellowship.

Booking Information: John Mikkiah Thompson enjoys singing and sharing his songs of praise to his Lord whenever possible. If you would like information on scheduling John Mikkiah Thompson to sing at your church or event, please email him at

Special thanks to John Mikkiah Thompson for singing the songs of praise and blessing churches and community groups with his talent. We expect to continue to hear great things about his music in the future and how it is a blessing to thousands of people.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photo: The photo in this post is used with permission of John Mikkiah Thompson.


  1. What a amazing young man!!! I left his concert last night at Center Grove High School and was without words. I have listened to his cd and keep going back to listen to it again and again. My kids keep asking for me to play it over and over too. He is a special person and a GIFT from God. Keep up the good work John!!

  2. John came to Mooresville to the Gasburg Baptist Church and he through the Holy Spirit gave us such a blessing, we will none ever be the same! Whom ever doesn't believe in miracles they need to listen to this young man! One bit of advice, take a box of tissues with you, there wasn't a dry eye in the church! Thank you John for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through YOU!