Thursday, April 12, 2012

Arizona Diamondbacks

Autism Light #184 is the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a Major League Baseball team based in Phoenix, Arizona. They were an expansion team that had their first season in 1998. During their 14 years as a team they have been very supportive of community charities through their Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation. One of the beneficiaries of their funding has been the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. The Arizona Diamondbacks  are Autism Light for their assistance with Arizona autism programs as well as their hosting of an annual Autism Awareness game.

The Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation's top grant each year is called the Grand Slam Award. The Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SAARC) was the first ever recipient of the Grand Slam Award and in 2010 they became the first organization to win the Arizona Diamondbacks Grand Slam Award a second time. The 2010 grant is used for the SARRCs Good Deeds program for teenagers. The following video explains what the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center did with their grant.

The Arizona Diamondbacks or D-Backs as they are sometimes referred to won the World Series in 2001. Playing in just their fourth season, they hold the record as the fastest expansion team to win a World Series.  Kirk Gibson is the current manager of the team.

On April 20, 2012 the Arizona Diamondbacks will host their 5th Annual Autism Awareness Game. The event is sponsored by Autism Speaks, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. For information on purchasing a ticket to this special game visit this page of their website.

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Wikipedia: You can also find out more about the Arizona Diamondbacks at their Wikipedia page.

Special thanks to the Arizona Diamondbacks organization for supporting autism. Their help has made a difference in the capacity of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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