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Felecia Rozansky

Autism Light Classic
Updated on July 26, 2012.

Autism Light #151 is Felecia Rozansky

Felecia Rozansky is from East Meadow, New York. Her teenage son Eric has autism.  She became a special education teacher because of an obsession with autism born out of a love for her son. When Eric was older, she decided to go after her dream of starting a business known as Felecia's Fabulous Cookies. Felecia Rozansky is an Autism Light for all she has done as a mom, special education teacher, and how she used her business to continue to raise awareness for autism.

Teacher: Felecia Rozansky received her Master's Degree from Hofstra University. She spent 5 years teaching in New York and her skill had been acknowledged by the granting of tenure.

Felecia's Fabulous Cookies (2011-2012): Felecia Rozansky put her dreams to operate a cookie store on hold when she discovered her son had autism (later diagnosed as Aspergers), but she realized her life dream when she opened her cookie store on September 15, 2011. She used the business to raise awareness for autism, and it was a place people could talk about autism. Some people visited Felecia's store because they heard of her connection to autism through either her son or her donations and wanted to support the efforts, but others came for the delicious cookies and share that their life is also touched by autism. A portion of the proceeds from cookie sales were donated to the Autism Society of America.

Selling Store: On July 25, 2012, Felicia Rozansky shared with the Patch that she had sold her cookie store. Felicia Rozansky said, "My reason for selling the shop is entirely due to family obligations. In order to really start a new business it has to be your number one priority (For more information read the Patch Article).

Eric Rozansky Fund for Accepting People with Autism: Felecia Rozansky started the Eric Rozansky Fund for Accepting People with Autism and has her sights set on raising $10,000 for the fund.  Felecia Rozansky said, "I use the word accepting because I don't want to be tolerated. The money will be used to help educate the people on Autism (Source)."

Felecia Rozansky wrote to Autism Light that she is most passionate about educating the world about autism. This is is what she has learned after meeting so many people associated with autism.
We always agree that you don't 'outgrow it, get or cure it'...and that's not what anyone seems to want. We all seem to want someone else to talk to and people to just understand. We all seem to want to make the world a little easier for our loved ones to belong we try to educate those with autism about the world, we also want to educate the world about autism.
Website: At the present time, you can still learn information on the former Felecia's Fabulous Cookies at their website at The story of her journey with autism and those yum-yum cookies is also on her website. You can also follow her blog.

Special thanks to Felecia Rozansky for being an Autism Light. She inspires the autism community by how she always put her family first. Her story is a reminder to all of us that business and work will come and go, but family is forever! We are confident that whatever the next step is in Felecia Rozansky's life, it will always involve being an Autism Light.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photo: The photos in this post is used with permission of Felecia Rozansky.

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