Monday, July 13, 2015

Oklahoma State University Athletics

Autism Light #419 is Oklahoma State University Athletics.

Oklahoma State University was founded in 1890 and is a state research university located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Oklahoma State University Athletics field 16 varsity teams that compete in the Big 12 Conference. Oklahoma State University Athletics is an Autism Light because they have created an I'm A-OK initiative for 2015 football games in order to help people with autism who attend their events.

Oklahoma State University Athletics worked with an autism mother Jennifer Sollars Miller of the Autism Center of Tulsa to devise a plan to make the Oklahoma State University football games more autism friendly. The I'm A-OK initiative will start with Oklahoma State University's 2015 football games that are played at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Berry Tramel and Kyle Frederickson describe this groundbreaking program in university athletics this way, "With this program, kids can voluntarily wear a badge with an 'I'm A-OK' symbol on it, so trained stadium and event staff will be able to identify those with autism and make their families feel more comfortable bringing them to Boone Pickens Stadium (, July 6, 2015)."

The following is a news story by Berry Tramel and Kyle Frederickson on this autism initiative by the Oklahoma State University Atheltics.

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Special thanks to Oklahoma State Athletics for their I'm A-OK autism initiative. What a great example of how a University Athletic program can raise awareness for Autism. If this initiative is successful at football games hopefully it will expand to other sporting events. May Oklahoma State University inspire other university athletic departments to highlight autism in their game experiences.

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