Saturday, May 17, 2014

Geri Landry

Autism Light #341 is Geri Landry.

Geri Landry is an Autism Aunt from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Geri Landry's nephew Joseph Sullivan has autism. Geri Landry is an Autism Light because her work as the President and Founder of Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana has helped many autism families. Her vision for the expansion of autism services also led her to create Creole House, the first and only group home in Louisiana that serves specifically adults with autism.

Autism Aunt: Geri Landry's nephew Joseph Sullivan has autism and is now in his 50's. Joseph Sullivan was the autistic man who Dustin Hoffman studied for the movie Rain Man. Her dedication as an autism aunt has provided passion for her to make a difference in autism services in Louisiana.

Autism Services of Southwest Lousiana: Geri Landry is the Founder and President of Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana. The autism organization started in 2003 and their first group home opened in 2009. According to their website, "Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana provides housing and support to adult individuals with autism. Creole and Louies Houses are the beginning of much to come for ASSL. Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana works in cooperation with Direct Care, Inc. to provide Personal Care Attendants twenty four hours daily to the adults living in its homes (Autism Services of Southwest Lousiana Website)."

Geri Landry shared this about a conversation she had with an autism parent, "I had a parent say yesterday to me that no one understands unless they've lived it, what it's like to have a child with autism. And to see them so happy, and happy in that they'll maybe never tell me that they're happy. They don't have to say anything, you can see it. It's such an awesome feeling to see it (FOX 29, House Teaches Autistic Adults Independence, Valen Johnson, 11/18/2013, Video no longer online)."

Special thanks to Geri Landry for using her passion for autism and leadership skills to provide resources for the autism community in Southwest Louisiana. Her foresight to open Creole House for adult living needs is a blessing to many. Geri Landry is a wonderful example of the countless aunts who honor their nephew and neice's with autism by shining a light for autism.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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