Monday, September 16, 2013

Ethan Walmark

Autism Light #309 is Ethan Walmark. 

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Ethan Walmark is an 8 year old boy from Westport, Connecticut, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2. His parents call him their "perfectly imperfect son". Ethan has gained national attention for the amazing talent he has at playing the piano. Ethan Walmark is an Autism Light for his demonstration of the extraordinary musical talent that springs forth from someone with autism, and for how that gift is blessing others.

Thousands from both in and outside the autism community were introduced to Ethan Walmark when a video made of him playing Billy Joel's Piano Man went viral on April 25, 2012. Here is an Autism Speaks video of Ethan Walmark performing that same piece at an Autism Speaks to Wall Street: 6th Annual Celebrity Chef Gala in New York City on October 9, 2012.

Praise from Billy Joel: Billy Joel has commented on Ethan Walmark's talented use of his music saying, "I think I like his intro to 'Piano Man' better than mine. And this kid plays with a lot more energy than me. Maybe he could teach me a few things  (Read the Billy Joel Quote in the Washington Post)."

Meeting John Mayer: Ethan Walmark was able to meet his idol John Mayer recently. Ethan's mother, Allison Walmark, wrote an article about Ethan meeting John Mayer on an Autism Speaks blog (Read Allison Walmark's Article on John Mayer Meeting Ethan Walmark). The following is the YouTube video prepared when Ethan was inviting John Mayer to meet with him.

NBC's Today Show:  On May 2, 2012, Ethan Walmark was featured on NBC's Today Show. You can learn about that appearance at in an article about Ethan Walmark on the Today Show at the Autism Speaks Website.

Light It Up Blue 2013: Ethan Walmark joined Autism Ambassador Yoko Ono on April 2, 2013, to turn the switch to light up the Empire State Building to start Autism Awareness Month in 2013 (Read More about Light It Up Blue at the She Knows Website).

Fundraisers: Ethan has been scheduled to play at at a variety of fundraisers across the country. On August 8, 2013, he peformed at the Cabinets Furniture & More's fundraiser in Hershey, Pennsylvania benefiting Autism Speaks (Read More at an Article on Ethan Walmark at the Penn Live Website).

Social Media: You can follow Ethan Walmark on the following social media areas:
Special thanks to Ethan Walmark for being an Autism Light. Ethan's musical talent is a blessing for the autism community. We wish Ethan Walmark continued success as he develops as a musician. For other individuals with autism who display musical talent visit the Autism Light Music Page.

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  1. What a fabulous article about a truly fabulous child (who happens to be my son.) Thank you for recognizing his abilities, and the abilities and talents of "different learners" everywhere. . These kids aren't special needs... they are just special.