Monday, April 15, 2013

The Henry Ford

Autism Light #272 is The Henry Ford. 

The Henry Ford is a National Historical Landmark that was founded in 1929 in Dearborn, Michigan. It is the nation's "largest indoor-outdoor history museum" (Source). It includes a museum, Greenfield Village, Factory Tour, and IMAX all spread across 200 acres. 26 million artifacts are part of The Henry Ford. The Henry Ford has partnered with the Autism Alliance of Michigan to make it an easier experience for autism families to enjoy visiting The Henry Ford (Source). The Henry Ford is an Autism Light for their dedication to be inclusive in making their museum autism friendly.

The following is a video introducing what is offered at The Henry Ford.

Autism Alliance of Michigan:  The Henry Ford has established a partnership with the Autism Alliance of Michigan. The benefits of the partnership to autism include the following plans:
As part of the partnership, the Dearborn museum plans to include a link to pre-visit information on its website that describes environments and sensorial experiences to the families, provides varied dietary options, areas for noise reduction and other hospitality services. And the Autism Alliance will provide training in basic aspects of autism for Henry Ford staff members (Source).
The kickoff to this partnership between The Henry Ford and the Autism Alliance of Michigan will be on April 28, 2013, when Greenfield Village hosts "A Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine" (Source).

The Autism Alliance of Michigan plans to help provide ear plugs for exhibits such as the IMAX and help provide information on a schedule that can be used to for an individual with autism coming to visit The Henry Ford. Because of the partnership these resources will be on both The Henry Ford and the Autism Alliance's webpage. More information on this partnership can be found on The Henry Ford's Blog.

For More Information: Visit these websites for more information on The Henry Ford.
Social Media: You can follow The Henry Ford Museum on social media at the following areas.
Special thanks to The Henry Ford for making it easier for autism families to enjoy your historical treasures. Your partnership with the Autism Alliance of Michigan is a tremendous blessing for autism. Hopefully your outreach will encourage other historical sites to follow your example.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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