Friday, April 19, 2013

Luke Steibronn

Autism Light #273 is Luke Steibronn.

Luke Steibronn is from Waverly, Iowa. In the Summer of 2010 he played on the Waverly Twins baseball team in the Waverly Area Youth Baseball League.  Luke Steibronn is an Autism Light for the way his participation in his baseball team shined a light on autism for his teammates and community.

Luke practiced and played the game just like the other players did as a member of the team. His coach during the season was Noel McMillan and his mother Jennifer served as a scorekeeper and was supportive of Luke. Through the experience of playing in team sports, Luke was able to grow in his social skills as well as athletic talent and he helped his teammates grow in understanding of autism. 

Anelia K. Dimotrova developed this documentary on Luke Steibronn's 2010 baseball season called "BEHIND THE BAT: Boy shines light on autism for teammates". It chronicles how autism impacts Luke's life and how his life impacted his teammates. 

Luke Steibronn's mother Jennifer used the following acronym for his name to explain what Luke is like. 
L ove
U nderstanding
K indness
E nthusiasm

Special thanks to Luke Steinbronn for how he shined a light on autism for his teammates. This story demonstrates to others in the autism community the value that team sports can have for some individuals with autism when the proper supports are in place. We are honored to link this article with the Autism Light page featuring other amazing individuals with autism.  

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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