Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phillip Wills

Autism Light #249 is Phillip Wills.

Phillip Wills is an Autism Father from Truro, United Kingdom near Cornwall. Phillip Wills' son Josh is 12 years old and has severe autism. Joshua Wills has autism so severe that he has harmed himself and needed to be institutionalized for his safety. However, there is no suitable facility close to Joshua's family, so he had to be sent to Birmingham 260 miles away from his family (a 5 1/2 hour trip). Phillip Wills is an Autism Light because he is advocating for the need for a treatment facility to be developed closer to Cornwall to help those with severe autism like his son Josh. Even though it would be constructed too late for Joshua to use, Phillip Wills hopes Josh's story and his advocacy will make a difference in the lives of other autism families in the United Kingdom who may face similar challenges in the future.

Phillip Wills has created several autism awareness videos about his son Joshua that are all posted on his YouTube channel. Here is one of the videos that Phillip Wills developed about his son Josh's journey in 2012.

Phillip Wills said about his advocacy for an autism treatment facility near Cornwall, "It's too late for Josh, but if I can come close to stopping another father and mother having to make the decision to send their confused, upset hurting boy 250 miles away from their family then I feel I have done a good job for somebody else (Source)."

Phillip Wills offered this advice to parents of children with autism via Autism Light.
To other parents, don't give up, keep fighting, cherish the good bits, concentrate on them (My films "The Adventures of Joshua Wills" are about the positive side, watch them if you need reminding that it is not always bad). Look after yourselves and keep strong and healthy! Make time for yourselves as well, either as a couple or with friends or both! Whatever life throws at you, keep your child's smile in your mind. Take what it throws and then step forward stronger. REMAIN POSITIVE. ALWAYS.
Here is another video on Joshua Wills that Phillip Wills created called "The Further Adventures of Joshua Wills." 

Social Media: You can follow Phillip Wills' advocacy for his son Josh and other children with autism at the following social media pages. Phillip Wills provides regular updates on Josh and his advocacy with the government about the need for a closer autism facility.
For more information on Phillip Wills' advocacy for autism see these news articles.
Joshua Wills is blessed to have four very special adults in his life. There is his father Phil and his StepMum Gill as well as his mother Sarah and StepDad Gavin who love him very much. Special thanks to Phillip Wills for being an Autism Light. We look forward to following the ongoing developments as Phillip Wills advocates through the government and community channels to get an autism treatment facility in the United Kingdom closer to Cornwall.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photos: The photos in this post were used with permission of Phillip Wills.


  1. Hello Phil
    Have you been in touch with the organization SPECTRUM in Cornwall, they may have some suggestions to help your crusade.
    Very best wishes

  2. Phill is kathleen harby hope you get spme hope from this morning team and they can help you get your son josh home very best wishes Kathleen

  3. Hello Phil, please have a look at the SonRise project on youtube, and also look into Rhythmic Movement Training therapy. There is a huge amount you can do for your son that is not available through the mainstream medical establishment. Love and Best Wishes to you all. xxx Leigh

  4. Hi Phil, I've recently come across The Gaps diet. It's a comprehensive healing protocol developed by a medical doctor, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. She successfully treated her son who had autism. You can find details on these sites e.g., or you can just Google the Gaps diet. Hope it helps and you are successful in your petition.

    kindest regards, Louise.

  5. Hi Phil, so pleased to hear Josh will be returned home, I have recently heard about an Autistic boy who was so affected his parents could see no light ahead until he was given a specially trained dog he has come on so well the boy is attending school his story was in the Daily Mirror recently, I wondered had you heard of this and could Josh possibly benefit from such an animal I believe the children are calmed by the presents of the dog I was so heart broken when I read Josh's story I prayed some miracle would happen (could this be it) God bless you all, regards Mary.

  6. Hi Phil, so pleased to hear Josh will be going home, I recently heard an autistic boy who's parents said he was getting worse and could see no light ahead when he was given a specially trained dog, the change was so dramatic he is now attending school something they never expected, his story was told in the Daily Mirror recently, I am wondering would Josh benefit from such a dog it may be the miracle you are looking for, God bless you all, regards Mary.