Sunday, July 22, 2012

Joe and Arlene Mantegna

Autism Lights #215 are Joe and Arlene Mantegna.

Joe and Arlene Mantegna are from North Hollywood, California. Their oldest daughter Mia has autism and is in her twenties. Joe Mantegna is an actor and director who has endeared himself to fans for over 40 years as an entertainer. Arlene Mantegna is a businesswoman. Joe and Arlene Mantegna are Autism Lights because of how they help raise autism awareness as autism parents.

Joe Mantegna's website describes the entertainer like this: "Joe Mantegna is a world-class entertainer and a loving, devoted husband and father. With over 100 films like Searching for Bobby Fischer, The Godfather Part 3, Celebrity, Forget Paris, Liberth Heights to name a few (Source)."  He also has starred in television shows such as the popular CBS crime drama Criminal Minds.

Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame: On April 29, 2011, Joe Mantegna was awarded the 2,438th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  He received the award for the category of live theater, a tribute to his diversity as an entertainer (Source).

Here is an interview that Joe Mantegna and Joey Travolta had with The Talk.  Joe Mantegna's daugther Mia has had success working with Inclusion Films, which was founded and run by Joey Travolta.

Joe Mantegna was featured in the following Public Service Announcement for Act Today! for Military Families, an autism organization he helps promote.  Act Today! for Military Families was Autism Light #82.

Autism Families Together Network: Arlene Mantegna is the creator of the Autism Families Togther Network.  The Autism Families Together Network is a wonderful group that helps facilitate contact with friends or professionals that can help family members with autism. They also sponosr an online support group for siblings of individuals with autism.

Social Media: You can follow Joe Mantegna on Twitter@JoeMantegna.

Websites: You can find out more information on Joe Mantegna at the following websites.
Special thanks to Joe and Arlene Mantegna for their work in raising awareness for autism. Their efforts are a light to the cause of autism and their daughter Mia can be proud of her parents efforts. We wish them and their family the best today and in the years to come.

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

Photo: The photo of Joe Mantegna is in the Creative Commons of Wikipedia and is attributed to Dan Huse.

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