Thursday, December 1, 2011

James Hobley

Autism Light #98 is James Hobley.

James Hobley is from Redcar, Cleveland in the United Kingdom. He is a superb 12 year old dancer who also has autism. James Hobley is an Autism Light because he is a talented dancer and represents others with autism who have amazing skills.

James' mother Sheila Hobley has three sons. All three of her sons have autism. James has a twin brother named George and James has an older brother named Alex who is 17.

Amazing Growth through Dancing:  Prior to entering dancing at age 8, James Hobley could not read or write and was severely hampered by his autism. After he began to dance his world changed and he learned to overcome his limitations with autism. He began to read and write and do many other things as he matured. James Hobley and his family believe that dancing helped him with autism and James said, "I think it's made me way more normal (Source)."

Early Performances:  James Hobley participated on the BBC Three Documentary called Autism, Disco, and Me. Information about that program is found at this link.  He also did an audition on Sky One's Got to Dance.

Britain's Got Talent:  In 2011 James Hobley appeared on Britain's Got Talent. He advanced to the finals and finished #8 out of the thousands that entered the contest. It's safe to say that this performance has moved his career forward in a star studded way.

You can see amazing videos of James Hobley dancing through the different stages of  Britain's Got Talent at the BritainsGotTalent YouTube Channel.
World Freestyle Disco Championships:  James Hobley loves to dance at every opportunity. In July, 2011, James Hobley competed in the World Freestyle Disco Championships in Blackpool, England.

Video: James Hobley appeared in a video that was released in September, 2011 called Step in the Right Direction. Anna Kennedy developed this DVD to demonstrate how dance can help people with autism. You can order the video at Anna Kennedy's website. The following is a part of the interview that James Hobley did with Anna Kennedy for this project.

Schooling: In September, 2011, James started at a performing arts school called The Hammond School, which is near Chester, England. We wish him the best in accomplishing his goal to get into this special school that will help his talent mature.

Social Media:  You can follow James Hobley on the following social media areas.
Other Websites: James Hobley is featured on these other websites stories that share more about his life.
We wish James Hobley continued success in the future. He is truly an Autism Light for representing the field of dancing. 

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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  1. James Hobley is definitely a talented dancer. Coming in 8th on BGT out of thousands of competitors, is no small feat. Also, he accomplished this at 11 yrs. old! He is to be admired. May his dreams come true.