Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vickie Nettles

Autism Light #356 is Vickie Nettles. 

Vickie Nettles is an autism mother from Lafayette, Louisiana. Her daughter Catherine has autism and following her diagnosis Vickie Nettles began intensive research into the condition, becoming a relentless autism advocate. She had been serving as an administrative assistant with the Autism Society of Acadiana. Vickie Nettles passed away unexpectedly on August 6, 2014, from complications of surgery.  Vicki leaves a legacy of service to the autism community.  She is survived by her husband Charlie Nettles; her step-daughter, Nichole Robicheaux; her son, Richard Charles Nettles and daughters, Laura Elizabeth Nettles and Catherine Marie Nettles. Her funeral service was held on August 9, 2014 in La Chapelle de Martin & Castille. Vickie Nettles will be placed on the Autism Light Memorial Roll today.

Obituary: You may read more information about Vickie Nettles' life in her obituary at Memorial contributions are suggested to be made to the Autism Society of Acadiana.

Tributes: The obituary for Vickie Nettles has this word about her:
Vickie Nettles dedicated her career and much of her free time to the Autism Society of Acadiana. She was a loving wife, mother, daughter, grandmother and friend to all who knew her and will be dearly missed (, Vickie Nettles).
Robyn Blackwell, Board President of the Autism Society of Acadiana and mother of an autistic son, describing the impact of Vickie Nettles, said, "She taught all of us so much about advocating for your child, and advocating for your rights as a parent. She cried with us, laughed with us, celebrated with us (As quoted in KATC.Com News, Tonya LaCoste, August 6, 2014)."

We are grateful to Vickie Nettles for her contributions to the cause of autism. Our thoughts are with the family of Vickie Nettles, especially her daughter Catherine who has autism. It is hoped that the example that Vickie Nettles has left the world of shining her light for autism will spread to others in Lousiana and throughout the world as they read this. 

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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