Sunday, June 22, 2014

3rd Year Anniversary of Autism Light

Three years ago today I wrote the first Autism Light post after I read the story of Carly Fleischmann and wanted to remember the details of her miraculous communication breakthrough. In the ensuing years this blog has honored the story of 349 diverse heroes to the world of autism. There are representatives from every state in the United States and 22 other countries beyond the USA. I want to thank everyone who has been so kind to let their story be told and for all the faithful readers who have made over 350,000 views of the unpredictable releases of new Autism Light posts. I have truly met so many wonderful friends in these three years and learned so much.

I give this song to you my friends and blog readers because You Light Up My Life and to someone You Light Up Autism. Whether you are part of the 349 mentioned to date on Autism Light or not, please keep being a hero for autism and know that someone notices.

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Thank you for reading as we start our fourth year of blogging at Autism Light.  I always welcome emails from anyone in the autism community with ideas about autims heroes. Contact me at the email address of

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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